Bahrainis Mark Fourth Month of Uprising

Bahrain’s largest opposition group, al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, asked its followers to continue their protests against Al Khalifa’s crackdown on people.

Al-Wefaq called for a huge anti-government demonstration after Friday prayers in June 17, marking the forth month of people’s uprising defying the country’s decades-old monarchy.
Angry demonstrators flooded the streets of Barbar village in the north of Bahrain on Thursday night, Press TV reported.
Since the start of the protests, the monarchial regime has blocked anti-government websites and chat room applications.

Regime officials have also taken over the web pages of Rasad News that spread the news about cases of human rights violations in the country.
The brutal crackdown on the anti-government protests in Bahrain has drawn criticism from human right activists and organizations around the world. Both the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have condemned the violations of human rights by the Manama regime.

The regime has tried to suppress the uprising by arresting the protestors and kidnapping women and children. Even the medical staff who treated those injured during the protests have recently appeared in court over charges of plotting against the monarchy.


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