New Photo of Burnt Face of Saleh -Yemen

There have been conflicting reports about the severity of Saleh’s injuries, what caused the attack and when the president will return to Yemen. Meanwhile a picture of Saleh – which seems to be designed by photoshop – revealed today in which his face is burnt and bruised.

New Photo of Burnt Face of Saleh,Yemeni Dictator

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Saleh has not been seen publicly since the attack. Ahmed al-Soufi, his adviser, said on Al Arabiya television yesterday that Saleh will make a media appearance within 48 hours.

One of the two Yemeni officials recently saw Saleh and said the president has suffered burns on his face, limbs and upper chest, and has lost weight. Saleh had plastic surgery last week to repair his face, the official said.

While the president has lost weight and his normally booming voice was weak, he was alert and has started physical therapy. The official said he was told by a doctor that there will be no medical obstacle to prevent Saleh returning to his country in early July, as by then the care he will need can be provided in Yemen.

Yemeni sources said the Saudi kingdom plans to keep Saleh in a hospital in Jedda for at least the next few months. They said Saudi authorities have asserted that Saleh requires medical treatment after surgery that he underwent on June 5.

“He is not fit to go home and must undergo serious treatment, including plastic surgery,” a Yemeni source said.

The physicians also helped persuade Saleh that he should not address the Yemeni people with his face covered in burns.

Saleh has sought to return to Yemen to continue his duties as president. His spokesman, Ahmed Al Sufi, said Saleh had been scheduled to give a television address to Yemen by June 29, an appearance that never took place.

“He has been able to communicate with his family back home, but his activities have been severely restricted by the Saudis,” the source said.

The sources said the Saudi royal family appealed to Saleh to abdicate power amid the revolt in Yemen. They said Saudi King Abdullah has promised Saleh asylum in the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council kingdom.

Saleh’s son, Ahmed, has been operating the military and security forces in the president’s absence. In late June, Ahmed was said to have ordered the arrest of up to 50 officers, most of them from the Republican Guard, on suspicion of contacts with the opposition.


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