Bahrain Hires US Company to Change Negative Image

Bahrain is seeking the help of a US-based public relations firm to change its image which was damaged after its brutal crackdown on peaceful anti-government protests in the country.

 The Manama government has hired Qorvis Communications in Washington DC for a monthly fee of $40,000 hoping the firm would improve the image of Al Khalifa’s monarchy, reported. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along with big companies like Adobe and are reportedly among the firm’s customers.

The Doctors Without Borders group was the first target of the firm. The group announced that its office in the Persian Gulf sheikhdom had been attacked by the Saudi-backed Bahraini forces and one of its employees had been arrested. The company slams the high profile humanitarian group in a statement for treating Bahrainis “without any license issued by the health ministry.”

 Tens of people were killed by Bahraini security forces during the crackdown on peaceful demonstrations and thousands have been arrested over charges of plotting against the monarchy. The brutality used by Saudi-backed Bahraini forces and the government’s infringement of human rights has severely been criticized by  Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.


2 thoughts on “Bahrain Hires US Company to Change Negative Image

  1. However much they try they can not change world’s view of them, and that what they saw from the barbarism and brutality of their dealings with the peaceful people who stood firmly for the right and the power of natural in determining his fate.

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