Senior Hizballah Official Wanted for Murder


By Matthew Levitt

July 20, 2011

The recent indictment of senior Hizballah figure Mustafa Badreddine has the group on edge, and for good reason.

Among the suspects indicted last month by the UN Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) — the body charged with investigating the assassination of former prime minister Rafiq Hariri — is Mustafa Badreddine, a senior figure in Hizballah’s international terrorist operations branch. Public exposure of his activities, including Hizballah’s reported role in the Hariri murder, would deal a severe blow to group.

Crucial Indictment

The STL has been poised to indict Hizballah members for months. On June 30, 2011, it delivered a sealed indictment and arrest warrants to Lebanese state prosecutor Said Merza. And on July 13, at the STL’s request, Interpol issued international arrest warrants (“red notices”) notifying law enforcement agencies in its 188 member countries that the suspects were wanted in connection with Hariri’s assassination.

Neither the indictments nor the red notices have been made public, but leaks from Lebanese judiciary officials confirmed the names of four men, all reported to be Hizballah members: Badreddine, Salim Ayyash (characterized as a U.S. passport holder who headed the cell that carried out the assassination), Hasan Aneisi, and Asad Sabra. The inclusion of Badreddine — cousin and brother-in-law to Imad Mughniyah, who was chief of the Hizballah external operations branch known as the Islamic Jihad Organization (IJO) until his 2008 assassination by a car bomb in Damascus — has the group on edge, and with good reason.

The tribunal seems determined to proceed with a public trial even if it must be carried out in absentia. The exposure of evidence tying someone as senior as Badreddine to the murder of Lebanon’s leading Sunni figure would severely undermine Hizballah’s image — particularly the group’s longstanding claim that it is first and foremost part of the fabric of Lebanese society, and only secondarily a Shiite or pro-Iranian movement.

Investigation Points to Hizballah

Evidence implicating Hizballah as a primary suspect in Hariri’s assassination first appeared in May 2009. A story in Der Spiegel reported on blatantly suspicious cell phone activity, including one Hizballah operative who called his girlfriend from a handset used in the operation. And both Le Monde and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have detailed the group’s role in the assassination and its efforts to undermine the STL’s investigation.

In 2010, the STL summoned Badreddine for questioning and was set to announce him as the main suspect. Yet that plan faltered when Prime Minister Saad Hariri, afraid of the political implications such an announcement would hold, requested that the STL postpone the release of his name.

Indeed, Badreddine is by far the most significant person named in last month’s long-awaited indictment. Although Hizballah never publicly announced Mughniyah’s successor as head of the IJO, Badreddine is often cited as a possible candidate. Like Mughniyah before him, he reportedly sits on the group’s shura council and serves as a senior advisor to Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. According to a Hizballah member interrogated by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Badreddine is “more dangerous” than Mughniyah, who was “his teacher in terrorism.”

Badreddine and the IJO

Mughniyah and Badreddine’s operational partnership began as early as 1983, when they served as master planner and explosives expert, respectively, in the U.S. Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon. They reportedly watched the operation unfold from the rooftop of a building not far from the blast. And during the planning stages, Badreddine apparently developed what would become his trademark explosive technique: adding gas to increase the power of sophisticated explosives.

The two men also collaborated in planning the December 1983 car bombings against the U.S. and French embassies in Kuwait. Other targets included the airport control tower, the main oil refinery, and a residential area for employees of the American corporation Raytheon. Seventeen people were convicted of participating in those attacks, including Badreddine (also known by his Christian alias Elias Saab). All seventeen were members of the Iran-based group al-Dawa, a movement of Iraqi Shiite fundamentalists sponsored by Tehran and linked to Hizballah. After a six-week trial in Kuwait, Badreddine was sentenced to death.

Over the next several years, Mughniyah focused on attacks aimed at securing his cousin’s freedom. According to U.S. and Lebanese intelligence officials, he organized a series of international hijackings and kidnappings in Beirut beginning in 1984, all intended to force Badreddine’s release. For example, Lebanese Canadian Hizballah member Muhammad Hussein al-Husseini confessed that Mughniyah had hijacked Kuwait Airways Flight 422 “to secure the release of Hajj Mustafa Badreddine.” Believed to be an active member of Hizballah’s Foreign Security Apparatus, al-Husseini revealed a great deal of knowledge about the group’s inner workings to Canadian interrogators, including confirmation of Mughniyah and Badreddine’s familial relationship.

Other attacks aimed at freeing the “Kuwait 17” included Hizballah’s first plane hijacking: the 1984 seizure of Kuwait Airways Flight 221, in which two U.S. Agency for International Development officials were murdered. After Kuwait refused to release the prisoners in exchange for hostages, Iranian security forces “stormed” the plane and “captured” the hijackers, who later vanished. The following year, Hizballah carried out three more attacks with similar demands. In March, operatives kidnapped reporter Terry Anderson. On May 25 — just two weeks after the IJO warned of “catastrophic consequences” if the Kuwait 17 were not freed — a car loaded with explosives rammed into the Kuwaiti emir’s motorcade in a failed assassination attempt. And in June, operatives seized TWA Flight 847 en route from Athens and murdered a U.S. Navy diver; the other hostages were released seventeen days later.

Although Badreddine and five other Kuwait 17 convicts had been sentenced to death, the emir never signed the order to actually carry out the sentence. Therefore, Badreddine was still alive in 1991, when Iraq invaded Kuwait and emptied the country’s prisons. After he escaped to the Iranian embassy in Kuwait, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps reportedly facilitated his travel to Iran and eventual return to Lebanon.

Next Steps for the STL

Hizballah is now the dominant political force in Lebanon, and the odds that the indicted suspects will be arrested and handed over for trial are slim to none. Speaking to the Beirut Daily Star just before the indictments were announced, a “judicial source” in Lebanon commented that “judicial authorities will not be able to act if the indictment includes individuals from Hizballah…Under the current circumstances and without a cabinet [policy] statement, judicial authorities will be in some kind of limbo.” Despite the fact that Beirut signed a binding agreement with the UN in 2007 to cooperate with the international court, the new Hizballah-led government has questioned the legitimacy of that commitment.

Now that warrants have been issued to the Lebanese state prosecutor, the government has thirty days from the official issue date — that is, until July 30 — to arrest the suspects and arrange for them to stand trial in The Hague. If Lebanon fails to turn them over, the STL has the authority to publicize their names and ask them to turn themselves in. Yet Hassan Nasrallah has disparaged the tribunal as “an American-Israeli conspiracy” and insisted that the accused would not be extradited, “not in thirty days, and not in thirty years.” He warned that he would “cut the hand” of anyone caught trying to apprehend the four suspects, whom he referred to as “brothers with an honorable past.”

After the names of the indicted are made public, the accused have thirty days to turn themselves in. If they do not, the tribunal is empowered to appoint defense lawyers for them in absentia and begin preparing for a trial in The Hague. Regardless of Hizballah’s response, then, preparations for a trial will likely be underway by fall, whether Badreddine and his accused co-conspirators are present or not.

Matthew Levitt is director of The Washington Institute’s Stein Program on Counterterrorism and Intelligence.


New Photo of Burnt Face of Saleh -Yemen

There have been conflicting reports about the severity of Saleh’s injuries, what caused the attack and when the president will return to Yemen. Meanwhile a picture of Saleh – which seems to be designed by photoshop – revealed today in which his face is burnt and bruised.

New Photo of Burnt Face of Saleh,Yemeni Dictator

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – Saleh has not been seen publicly since the attack. Ahmed al-Soufi, his adviser, said on Al Arabiya television yesterday that Saleh will make a media appearance within 48 hours.

One of the two Yemeni officials recently saw Saleh and said the president has suffered burns on his face, limbs and upper chest, and has lost weight. Saleh had plastic surgery last week to repair his face, the official said.

While the president has lost weight and his normally booming voice was weak, he was alert and has started physical therapy. The official said he was told by a doctor that there will be no medical obstacle to prevent Saleh returning to his country in early July, as by then the care he will need can be provided in Yemen.

Yemeni sources said the Saudi kingdom plans to keep Saleh in a hospital in Jedda for at least the next few months. They said Saudi authorities have asserted that Saleh requires medical treatment after surgery that he underwent on June 5.

“He is not fit to go home and must undergo serious treatment, including plastic surgery,” a Yemeni source said.

The physicians also helped persuade Saleh that he should not address the Yemeni people with his face covered in burns.

Saleh has sought to return to Yemen to continue his duties as president. His spokesman, Ahmed Al Sufi, said Saleh had been scheduled to give a television address to Yemen by June 29, an appearance that never took place.

“He has been able to communicate with his family back home, but his activities have been severely restricted by the Saudis,” the source said.

The sources said the Saudi royal family appealed to Saleh to abdicate power amid the revolt in Yemen. They said Saudi King Abdullah has promised Saleh asylum in the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council kingdom.

Saleh’s son, Ahmed, has been operating the military and security forces in the president’s absence. In late June, Ahmed was said to have ordered the arrest of up to 50 officers, most of them from the Republican Guard, on suspicion of contacts with the opposition.

Clinton on Syria: Astounding Lies, Zero Legitimacy

by Tony Cartalucci

Out of either desperation or immeasurable hubris, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has just attempted to rewrite the last 3 months of history, contradicting her own department’s statements made during the onset of the Syrian unrest.

Within the pages of the London-based, Saudi-funded Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Hillary Clinton joined Barack Obama, Nicholas Sarkozy, and David Cameron in the bizarre trend of Western leaders writing newspaper editorials in an attempt to reinforce the ever changing, ever contradicting official narrative. Clinton’s article titled, “There is no going back in Syria,” oafishly parrots month old corporate-funded think-tank talking points with the addition of hamfisted reversals on the US State Department’s own narratives.

Lie #1: Syrian protests are not the work of foreign instigators.

One paragraph in particular is so astoundingly dishonest and contradictory it almost defies explanation. Clinton states, “If President Assad believes that the protests are the work of foreign instigators — as his government has claimed — he is wrong. It is true that some Syrian soldiers have been killed, and we regret the loss of those lives too. But the vast majority of casualties have been unarmed civilians.”

However, it was Hilary Clinton’s own State Department according to an April 2011 AFP report, that said the “US government has budgeted $50 million in the last two years to develop new technologies to help activists protect themselves from arrest and prosecution by authoritarian governments.” The report went on to explain that the US “organized training sessions for 5,000 activists in different parts of the world. A session held in the Middle East about six weeks ago gathered activists from Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon who returned to their countries with the aim of training their colleagues there. They went back and there’s a ripple effect.” Quite obviously the “ripple effect” the State Department is referring to is the destabilization occurring throughout the region, including across Syria.

Additionally, after the Washington Post released cables indicating the US had been funding Syrian opposition groups since at least 2005 and continued until today, US State Department spokesman Mark Toner defended the funding which started under the Bush regime when Syria was added to the “Axis of Evil.” Toner stated, “we’re not working to undermine that [Syrian] government. What we are trying to do in Syria, through our civil society support, is to build the kind of democratic institutions, frankly, that we’re trying to do in countries around the globe. What’s different, I think, in this situation is that the Syrian government perceives this kind of assistance as a threat to its control over the Syrian people.”

Unfortunately for Toner, funding foreign opposition groups and inciting political upheaval is far from a benign act, and more akin to an act of war. It would be unimaginable for another nation to engineer a certain variety of government within the United States because it felt it was more “proper.” Such meddling is a direct violation of a nation’s sovereignty and those within the target nation assisting such meddling are universally known as “traitors.”

Lie #2: The protesters are peaceful.

Extraordinarily, Clinton manages to both confirm and deny the violent nature of the protests by stating that while Syrian troops have died, the vast majority of the deaths (according to unverified reports by the protesters themselves) were “unarmed civilians.”

With the number of dead security forces now in the hundreds, the corporate-owned media is no longer able to credibly call Syria’s protesters “unarmed civilians.”


Clinton’s own admission that Syrian soldiers have died indicates that indeed there are armed groups amongst the protesters. Just as in Bangkok in 2010, during another foreign-funded color revolution, militant gunmen are attempting to escalate the violence intentionally, targeting both protesters and security forces. This is in hopes of reaching a critical mass of violence sufficient for justifying a wider use of overt violence or possibly foreign intervention.

The inability of the US State Department to verify any of the claims coming out of the mostly London-based Syrian opposition is coupled with the impossibility of knowing which Kalashnikov on which side killed who. It is more likely that the Syrian government, knowing full well the consequences of wanton violence, is being as careful as possible when engaging the armed elements even Secretary Clinton concedes are operating amongst the protesters. The Syrian government has been reporting mysterious gunmen since as early as late April, opening fire on protesters and security forces from rooftops. While the corporate-owned media attempted to play this off as Syrian propaganda, the rising death toll of government troops certainly cannot be attributed to “unarmed civilians.” Articles like Christian Science Monitor’s “Has Syria’s peaceful uprising turned into an insurrection?” are attempting to now create the illusion that some sort of justified transition is occurring despite the fact that arsonists and gunmen had been ravaging Syria since the unrest started several months ago.

Similar claims were made in Libya; both that seasoned rebels, driving tanks and manning warplanes with 30 years of foreign-backing for their militant activities were “peaceful protesters,” and that Qaddafi was purposefully targeting civilians. The latter claims were made despite even the corporate-funded think-tanks engineering the conflict stating that Qaddafi was most likely making a point of avoiding civilian casualties.

Further compromising the fantastical paradigm Secretary Clinton is attempting to foist upon the public is the corporate-funded Brookings Institution’s “Which Path to Persia?” report which amounts to a brazen conspiracy to aid and abet terrorist organizations to violently overthrow sovereign nations in tandem with the very same foreign-funded popular revolutions we see now across the Arab world, all with “forms” of US military support on standby if necessary.

The report explicitly states in regards to neighboring Iran, “Consequently, if the United States ever succeeds in sparking a revolt against the clerical regime, Washington may have to consider whether to provide it with some form of military support to prevent Tehran from crushing it. This requirement means that a popular revolution in Iran does not seem to fit the model of the “velvet revolutions” that occurred elsewhere. The point is that the Iranian regime may not be willing to go gently into that good night; instead, and unlike so many Eastern European regimes, it may choose to fight to the death. In those circumstances, if there is not external military assistance to the revolutionaries, they might not just fail but be massacred.”
Brookings’ “Which Path to Persia?” report: a signed confession that indeed the US does conspire to fund, arm, and abet terrorists, sedition, popular revolutions, and even provoke unnecessary wars all for their “regional interests.”

“Consequently,” the report continues, “if the United States is to pursue this policy, Washington must take this possibility into consideration. It adds some very important requirements to the list: either the policy must include ways to weaken the Iranian military or weaken the willingness of the regime’s leaders to call on the military, or else the United States must be ready to intervene to defeat it. After identical methods have been employed in Libya, Syria is currently suffering under a similarly prescribed, admittedly foreign-funded, plot backed by armed militants and possibly “some form of military support” from the United States, Israel, or Saudi Arabia. Certainly after several attempts to pass UN Security Council resolutions against Syria, the prospect of wider intervention is also “on the table.”

The Brookings Institution report also boastfully celebrates past exploits and regional manipulations including the arming and backing of the Kurds against Iraq. The report nostalgically recalls, ” When the Shah of Iran, the United States, and Israel began to back Iraqi Kurds against Baghdad, it took only a few years for the Ba’thist regime to move against it—and only a matter of months of unsuccessful military campaigning to convince Saddam Husayn to cut a deal with the Shah to persuade him to cut his ties with the Kurds.” With this admission in hand, we have a historical precedent backing the assertions of the Syrian government that indeed foreign meddlers are at work, both behind the protesters and the armed militants battling the government.

Throughout Hillary Clinton’s lengthy diatribe, she failed to even once condemn the violence she hinted at amongst the opposition. Just as in Libya, these shadowy militants will be denied until the very first NATO bombs strike Syrian soil, where they will then transform into citizen-soldiers nobly fighting for their freedom. In reality they are nothing more than the same ethnic minority groups manipulated and backed for decades against the global elite’s long list of targets throughout the region.

Lie #3: There is no going back in Syria.

The global-elite themselves admit they have neither the logistical means nor the political capital to conduct even a single war in the region, let alone campaigns against multiple nations at once. That is, barring a false-flag attack magnitudes larger than 9/11 and the mobilization of America for total war. Resistance in both Libya and Syria, as well as assistance from Iran, and any other nation disinterested in subjugation under the reincarnated Anglo-American empire could bleed these global elitists to death.

Capitulation under the perception of superiority would be unfortunate indeed. Clinton’s need to pen an op-ed in a London-based Arab newspaper claiming “there is no going back in Syria” only reaffirms the fact that it is far from a foregone conclusion. Such a desperate act of propagandizing is indicative of weakness, not strength. When foisting massive fraud upon the planet, it will always be more people over time realizing it is a hoax than continuing to fall for it. Time is working against the global-elite.


Once again, on the pages of the corporate-funded Brookings Institution report we see months, even years in advance the ploys and gambits that are to play out. Brookings’ “Which Path to Persia?” was the virtual playbook from which objectives and strategies regarding Libya and Syria were and are being drawn from. Understanding that these corporations and the think-tanks they fund are the true architects of Western foreign policy is the first step in ending these heinous crimes being committed in our name and ultimately at our expense.

Hillary Clinton’s brazen lies, unmitigated deception, and her crass insolence is irrefutable evidence that she and the government she works within have abdicated all of their legitimacy. Their open contempt for America’s Constitution while they promote “universal rights” and the will of the “international community” means that we no longer bound to obey them as they are no longer bound to the laws that truly govern our land. The next step of course is undermining these corporations and the puppet institutions that serve them through full-spectrum boycotts and replacing them entirely on a local level.

When Hanan Met Peter.. (Franklin Lamb)

Franklin Lamb

Hanan is the  Islamophobic Lebanese woman, Hanan Qahwajiwho as a child lived   in the South Lebanon village of Marjyoun overlooking the Lebanon-Palestine border during three years of the on again off again Lebanese Civil War before she became an Israeli collaborator and fled to Israel.

Hanan, repackaged as “Rachael”, soon quickly landed a job with Israeli TV and specialized in telling stories about how Muslims terrorized her and her Christian neighbors.

Later, repackaged as “Nour Semaan”, a name she still sometimes uses, Hanan tells American audiences that she became a Middle East “anchor” in Israel.

Forgetting to mention that her job was with Pat Roberson’s, Christian Broadcasting Network, working to spread his politically conservative, Pentecostal faith in the Middle East which includes Robertson’s vision of rapture and how righteous Jews will all convert when Jesus comes again. The others will burn in Hell according to the Pentecosts. Hanan is sometimes known as, Nour Semaan, Rachael Cohen, “Dark Angel” and more recently, Bridgitte Gabriel, founder of the anti-Islam Zionist hate group “Act! For America.”

Peter, would be US Congressman Peter T. King, the Republican Islamaphobe from Long Island, NY, who as Hanan’s new partner in saving America from Islam, she sometimes flirtatiously refers to simply as “Petey” or “Petey Chops.”

It’s unknown to this observer whether the couple experienced a vrai coup de foudre when Mr. King was Hanan Qahwaji’s first guest earlier this year on a new cable television show that she co-hosts with Guy Rodgers, a Republican consultant who helped expand the Christian Coalition which used to be a potent political organization on the Christian right and who is ACT’s Executive Director. However, “Petey” and “Bridge” as he calls her sometimes, certainly appear to see potential in one another for saving America from the Muslim hoards which according to the duo are now in all American neighborhoods and who have infiltrated the FBI, the CIA, the State Department and the White House!

The new team is said by one King staffer to share a vision of “defeating Radical Islam in America and defeating it before its too late.” And they intend to show their fellow Americans just how to do it.

This past week in Washington, King held the second of what it planned as a series of “Congressional Hearings” designed to warn Americans about various threats from Muslims in their midst.

Gabriel frequently tells interviewer that “[F]or my first ten years I led a charmed and privileged life. All that came to an end when a jihadist religious war, declared by the Muslims against the Christians, […] tore my country and my life apart. It was a war that the world did not understand.”

Israeli Kids sending rockets as gifts “with love” to the Lebanese kids during July war 2006 on Lebanon.

What is obvious to the many Lebanese who view Hanan with contempt for misrepresenting and besmirching their country (not to mention her open letter to Israel during the July 2006 war, which she read frequently on TV shows urging Israel to keep bombing Lebanon despite their already killing more than 1,300 civilians is that it was a war that Gabriel did not understand.

The on-again off-again intermittent civil war was not characterized by anything remotely resembling a Muslim “Jihad”. Some Muslims actually fought with Israel and with Christian Militia. Moreover, the Palestinian organizations were secular nationalists and not remotely Jihadists plus many were also Christians, while other fighters were communists, Nasserites, and non-religious westerners. Although many combatants were Muslim, perhaps 35% were not. And their fight was with Israel; it was not a religious crusade against Christians.

Gabriel’s fundraising speeches among largely uniformed right wing Republican audiences in which she claims she was the target of a religious crusade against Christians is patent nonsense.

“Watching the World Trade Center buildings fall in 2001,” Hanan tells audiences, “I was struck by the same fear that I experienced during the war in Lebanon. As I watched, words instinctively came from my mouth as I spoke to the TV screen: ‘Now they are here.”

Gabriel is well aware, as Michael Young of Beirut’s Daily Star has pointed out that there was nothing remotely comparable between what happened in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, and what she experienced in Marjayoun.

Bridgitte is said to believe that she can help King from deflecting rising criticism of his “hearings” given her own experience with hecklers as she tours the American heartland sounding the alarm.

She is said to resemble a Sarah Palin “mama grizzly” when she senses danger to those she cares about and no sooner than King’s hearing began last week than ACT! pounced with Tweets from the Congressional Hearing Room.

 Sarah Palin; politician and commentator.

An ACT! staffer twittered live labeling it: “Round 2: House Homeland Security Committee Hearing on The Threat of Muslim-American Radicalization in U.S. Prisons:

“As I watched the discussion during the hearing, I Tweeted about so that our ACT! for America members could see right away what Members of the U.S. Congress are saying and doing about it. While there certainly were not as many “rabble rousers” as there had been for Chairman King’s first hearing on Muslim radicalization, there was some political drama, nonetheless.

“For example, Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA) falsely alleged that the focus of Chairman King’s hearing ‘can be deemed as racist and as discriminatory.’ The Chairman immediately fired back by saying that ‘the purpose of this Committee is to combat Islamic terrorism because that is the terrorist threat to this country. Bravo!”

“In response to Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA) commenting that ‘the political correctness in this room is astounding,’ Rep. Shiela Jackson-Lee (D-TX) held up a copy of the Constitution replying that the document is where she finds her ‘version of political correctness.’ She went on further to state that there is a parallel between Christian militants and jihadists when it comes to bringing down the Constitution. More nonsense.”

“Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-MI) ranted terribly on for several-minutes about the real problem being the overcrowding of prisons due to unfair sentencing guidelines and claimed that prisoners were turning to Islam to ‘protect themselves.’”

Other witnesses who reportedly left Peter and Bridgette unhappy were:
Deputy Chief Michael Downing, Commanding Officer of the LA Police Department’s Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau, and Professor Bert Useem of Purdue University.

According to ACT! Tweets:
Chief Downing repeatedly tried to distinguish ‘Islam’ from what he referred to as ‘Prislam,’ and said that all jihadis had ‘hijacked’ the Islamic faith. As I listened to him, I wondered if he has taken the time to read sharia law, the Qur’an and the hadiths? If he did, I think he would understand that what the ‘radicalized’ Muslims are adhering to is an ideology that is clearly enunciated within Islam’s holy books and has been practiced for 14 centuries. His statements reminded me that a great deal of educating at local, state and federal levels still needs to
be done.”

“Professor Useem made several amazingly naïve and plain stupid assertions, one of which was that ‘correctional leadership (at both the agency and prison-level) has consciously and successfully infused the mission of observing signs of inmate radicalization into organizational practices. Rather than being sitting ducks, waiting for their facilities to be penetrated by radicalizing groups, correctional leaders have fashioned, staffed, and energized the effort to defeat radicalization.”

A few examples of questions from new Members that may have pleased Bridge and Petey were:

Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN) asked if Shariah law would supersede the U.S. Constitution for radicalized Muslims. A chorus of “Yes” was heard from most of the witnesses.
  Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA) remarked that he was disappointed to see some members of the committee question why a hearing of this nature needed to take place. That the threat of Islamic radicalization in our prisons is clear.
  Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) commented how remarkable it is that a discussion about the threat of radical Islam appeared to be “off limits.” He also expressed concerns about literature found in U.S. prisons, such as writings by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who asks: Which do you choose, the flag of Islam or the flag of America?

ACT! Final Tweet from King’s Hearing last week:
“Action by our grassroots is the fuel that makes the ACT! For American engine run. As we wait for Chairman King’s third hearing on Islamic radicalization it’s really nice to see that the engine is roaring loud and strong.”

In perhaps a personal message of encouragement to the Chairman were the words: “Please keep it up for Round Three!”

One subject being considered for Round Three is: “How to spot an Islamic terrorist in your neighborhood.” An interesting subject since that’s one suggested title for Hanan’s (Bridgitte’s) next book featuring an introduction by none other than “Petey” King.

Transcript of Remarks and Response to Media Questions by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov


32/34 Smolenskaya-Sennaya pl., 119200, Moscow G-200;
tel.: (499) 244 4119, fax: (499) 244 4112
e-mail:, web-address:

Transcript of Remarks and Response to Media Questions by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at Joint Press Conference Following Talks with Belarus Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov, Moscow, June 20, 2011

Question: There have been reports recently that a delegation of the Syrian opposition is arriving in Moscow on June 27 to meet with Mikhail Margelov. How could you comment on the plans of the visit? Will not the Syrian opposition take them as a sign of support? Is there any information about who will lead the Syrian delegation?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: Speaking in general about what is happening in Syria, I would like to express our deep concern at the continuing clashes and the loss of life. It is enormously regrettable that among the peaceful protesters, quite rightly demanding political liberalization, there are those who prefer to provoke unrest, provoke government forces to use military measures of suppression of such disorders. We regularly discuss these issues with our partners in the Arab world, Europe and the USA.

As far as I can judge, including from my recent telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, we have a general understanding of the inadmissibility of playing along with those who want to provoke a situation similar to Libya. Russia will do everything in her power to prevent a slide of events in Syria to the Libya scenario. However, what we can do (and I hope together with all responsible members of the international community, especially those in the region, Europe and the United States) is to call for early implementation in practice of the reforms proclaimed by President of Syria Bashar al-Assad and to urge the opposition not to ignore the offer to discuss the proposed reforms, but to sit down and begin talking.

We are worried that at the recent meeting in Antalya (Turkey), the Syrian opposition said that it would not conduct any negotiation, any dialogue with the Syrian authorities. This is a bad position. It runs absolutely counter to the task of calming the situation. We won’t support it. We’ll work in the opposite direction. This also answers your specific question. We will encourage the Syrian opposition to show its share of responsibility for the country and the people and respond to the steps on reform taken by the authorities, if belatedly. But it needs to sit down and negotiate.

In principle, the contacts that we expect to carry out with the Syrian opposition, reflect our principled line: in any conflict, you can’t isolate anyone; you need to leave the door open for dialogue with all participants of specific events. So we are doing with regard to what is happening in Libya, so we will act with respect to the events in Syria. But I repeat – first and foremost, in terms of encouraging all participants without exception, including the opposition (in this case, the opposition in the first place) toward dialogue and rejection of provocations, of attempts to get the international community to come and with its “punitive sword” help them solve the problem of regime change.

Depleted Uranium: Subjection of Italy to The Interests of The USA-Nato and the Consequences of the “Humanitarian War”

The state prosecutor of Lanuesei has ordered  the exhumation of the corpses of 18 shepherds died from 1995 to 2010 due to tumors, which have one fact in common: they led their herds to pasture in the area near the military polygon of Nato-joint forces at Perdas de Fogu-Salto of Quirra. The decision has been emanated after the report of the Local Health Authority that many of the shepherds were dead due to leukaemia and that some livestock was born deformed. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has indicated a nuclear physicist  Prof. Evandro Lodi Rizzini of Brescia University  and CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) of Geneva to carry out all the necessary checks on the case.

Nothing new on the grounds of Sardinia where in the past some solders had died due to so called “Balkans-Quirra-Escalaplano syndrome”. The military victims at the national level can also be correlated with the various operative theaters where the Italian armed military forces had taken place: Somalia – Kosovo – Iraq – Afghanistan and where the NATO  had made a large use of a ammunition like depleted uranium, for military training at polygons as well.

The aggressive war against Serbia in 1999 shouldn’t be forgotten, where the bombs and missiles containing uranium have been used in great quantities against civil and military targets.

The territory of Sardinia has been subject of so called “servitù militari” (military slavery), non for the national interests (this is to remember the basis of the peace act signed by Italy after the Second World War according to which it is not possible for Italians to build aero naval base on the territory of the isle), with some very important polygons of Teulada on 7200 hectares:the peninsula in Sulcis Inglesiente for the training of the Sixth USA Fleet, the areas probably used for aero naval battle drill of NATO or tanks drill at Salto di Quirra 12700 hectares covering the polygon for experimental missile and  Sixth Fleet and NATO interforces’ ranges, Capo Frasca 1416 hectares NATO  e USA’s range, radar installations, heliport and logistic basis. There is also a great military airport at Decimomannu to add to this list of foreign military basis, as well as the basis at  La Maddalena Santo Stefano, Tempio and Tavolara.

The president of the Association of national victims engaged in the Armed forces, Falco Accame,

who struggles for years side by side the  contaminated soldiers, greeted  the initiative of the prosecutor of Lanusei that could be able to clear out the question  about the deaths of the soldiers and the civilians, with possible incrimination for multiple assassination and the environmental disaster.



Los Alamos National Lab

oratory “Long-Term Fate of Depleted Uranium at Aberdeen and  Yuma Proving Grounds Final Report, Phase I: Geochemical Transport And Modeling”, LA-117 90-MS, DE90 012660 (1990), Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico 87545, USA declare that on the polygons where the ammunition containing DU had been used, Aberdeen and Yuma, the desert areas in the interior territory of the United States, could not be settled by the humans unless after previous land clearance- (1)

In the Jefferson county (Indiana), the Pentagon has closed a polygon of range, about 80 hectares, where once the howitzers had been tested, hit by DU. The minimum cost  budget estimated  for clearance of the area is about 7,8 milliards of dollars – without taking into consideration everlasting storage of the ground 6 m deep and the elimination of the vegetation. Concerning that the price was too high, the army has looked for other solutions and in the end had decided to offer the territory to the National Park’ service in order to create a nature reserve, the offer that has been rejected. They say in these days that the ex-polygon of range would be recognized as “the zone of national sacrifice” with the prohibition of access for eternity as a consequence! These news tell us about the future of the various areas on the planet where the United States have used and will use the weapons containing depleted uranium.



Until 2010 the number of deaths of Italian soldiers has raised up to 216 cases, meanwhile the number of the soldiers contaminated by DU is up to 2500, according to the statement of Francesco Palese, the responsible of “Association of Victims of Uranium”; by the way  the latest official estimation provided by Military Health Authority is dated 2006.. …


The question about DU goes over the limits of Sardinia and involves in its complexity all the Italian Armed Forces engaged abroad (and the civilians engaged for the IAF with the task of maintenance of vehicles), exposed to contaminating effects of DU having  poor and late information and protection in the missions so called “humanitarian”, where Italy has almost no interests at all. These are the effects, which have been silenced  by the media, that  the civilians in the Balkans were subjected to by the West, as well as the civilians in the Middle East and probably in Libya in the years to come,  that has recently become the subject of “humanitarian bombardment of the NATO”.


It is necessary to take into consideration that only brave initiatives of some aggressive judges, associations and individuals have made some steps forward, meanwhile in the politics almost nothing has been done which proves one more time that there is no intention to find out anything. In fact “the commission Mandelli”, so called thanks to its coordinator Prof. Mandelli, has found really a little, made void due to the statistics errors during the investigation, pointed out by  Prof. Lucio Bertoli Barsotti of Torino University who has made his statement as follows:


 There is a statistics error in the investigation elaborated in the report of Mandelli. In particular, this error does non permit the Commission to find out  real “significant statistics” regarding  the number of cases of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma ( i.e. the fact that the number of the cases is abnormal compared to the incidence of spontaneous appearance of the disease and it  is reasonably unexplainable  mere appearance of the case) found within the group of soldiers took in consideration.


Re: “ Preliminary report of the committee chaired by the Professor Franco Mandelli, established by the Minister of Defence in order to investigate about the incidence of malignant neoplasms  among the military personnel  engaged in Bosnia andKosovo, and published on website of Ministry of Defence. As it may be noted, this study is in  course of evolution. However, Prof. Mandelli has arrived at the conclusion that the number of diseased was within the national average (“non significant statistics”), in particular the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – the type of tumour that has raised a greater suspect due to the strange number of cases observed-, the conclusions that were registered as  official documents and made public through the madia, newspapers, radio   and      TV  ( something like a massage that wanted to inform “ the alarm is over”).


The report of the Committee established by the Ministry of Defense, hence partial, chaired by Prof Mandelli – professor without tenure at the Rome University La Sapienza – section Haematology, contains the number of cases expected and the cases observed, for all types of tumour pathology, in two schedules, the no. 8 and the no. 9. They are referred to two possible approaches of counting the pathological cases: the first covers all the military personnel and the second chooses only one part, supposing the latent period of 12 months for the disease to come out.. Now, the fact is that due to the data reported in the schedules we can deduce that (CM obviously  not noticed  due to some methodological errors during the elaboration of the data) as far as LH is concerned there is the significant excess of the cases observed, among the military personnel as well as among the group of soldiers with the hypothetic  latent period for the disease (no need to add that the persistence of these analysis regarding “significance” is “significant” by itself too).


“However the same Committee has avoided to analyse the cases before 1996 (3), leaving apart on  purpose the operation “Restore Hope in Somalia” in 1992/3, Bosnia in 1995 and the first Golf war in 1991.

The above schedules do not include the Italian civilians, foreigners and  discharged soldiers, then there was no comparison of the risks due to the nanoparticle of uranium and those of metals like tungsten  which can be found in traditional weapons. These are only some of the errors non caused by the committee that terminated its activity in 2002.

The conclusions are very upsetting:

  1. the malignant neoplasms, that were considered globally, were less present than estimated;
  2. there is an excess of statistically significant number of cases of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma among the military personnel engaged in Bosnia and Kosovo;
  3. the results of the analysis on random sample done on the soldiers engaged in Bosnia and Kosovo have not evidenced the DU contamination (4); due to the data noted down, or the information actually available, it was not possible to sort out the causes of the excess of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cases  pointed out in the epidemiologic analyse.

The conclusion is that the number of diseased was within the national average, and the causes were non the heavy metals or the radiation emitted by  the weapons on depleted uranium.



The second report of the Committee established in Parliament in 2005 and terminated in 2007 has found out nothing new. It was noted : “ out of the checks and testimonies carried out in Balkans…there were no clear evidence affirming that the pathologies in question should be provoked by the contaminating and radioactive effects caused by the exposure to the ionized radiation or chemical contamination due to this type of ammunition. It seems important to notice that, since nowadays, according to the Committee, there have been no traces of DU in the histological samples of the soldiers employed in the missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Kosovo, who developed tumour pathologies. (4)


Also according to the second report of the Committee of the Ministry of Defence, partial too, the results were negative or casual…or the evidence has non been sought where it could be found if all the necessary instruments had been used and if there were a contribution of  impartial scientific staff.


Concerning this, we will present the studies of  Dr Maria Antonietta Gatti, in charge of the biomaterial laboratory at the department of neuroscience  of the University of Reggio Emilia e Modena: the studies treat the contamination from nanoparticles, nano powder deposed into the environment, caused by the explosion in war or on polygons of range, which enter in organisms through the air o by nutrition. Nanoparticles are manufactured with the highest temperature of about 3000°C (the impact of missile containing DU on the tanks).



Dr Gatti and some researchers, members of the team working on the project on the European level, have found out in military sector one of the principal method useful for discovering the causes of nano pathologies. The studies have evidenced the presence of nano particles with heavy metal structure inside of the tissue samples of ex-soldiers operating in Balkans or Middle Est. The conclusion achieved is that “the syndrome of Balkans” is not caused by radioactivity of DU, but by nano particles liberated in atmosphere after the explosion, causing various forms of tumour. (4)







Falco Accame contested immediately the results of the report of Committee of Mandelli basing his opinion onto the number of the soldiers considered for the analyses amounting about 27.000-30.000 soldiers employed in Balkans, reaching the number of 43.000 including Albania, Croatia, Macedonia e Slovenia. Accame affirms, instead, that it is necessary to take in consideration only a small part of the personnel engaged  particularly in Bosnia, where the security measures were not applied, meanwhile in Kosovo starting from  November 22nd, 1999 after the orders issued, the same have been applied. This fundamental incongruity makes void the affirmation from the report of Committee of Mandelli, because it is necessary to take into account the real number of the soldiers employed and exposed to the risk, which later on may be compared to the number of cases recorded as presumably contaminated.




Along with  the military personnel, the civilians were contaminated too, following the troops as logistic support. The case that has been denounced by the “Military Observatory“ is  the worker responsible for  maintenance of caterpillars(Polo Mantenimento Pesante Sud), who contracted blood cancer, meanwhile the other cases, reported by the same,  contracted acute leukaemia.


In Bosnia, during the operations Beny Flight from  August 5th to  September 22nd 1994 and Deliberate Force from  August 29th to September 14th 1995, 10.000 DU missiles were released from fighter planes A-10 onto the ground and about 400 missiles from the war cruises Tomahawk, meanwhile in Kosovo, in the area from Pec to Djakovica, about 14.000 bombs and missiles were launched onto the zone controlled by Italians. It is estimated that about 4 tons of DU was present in the area supervised by Italians, compared to the total of 10 tons in the whole “theatre” (note: the Italian area was most hit by DU weapons compared to those controlled by USA, merely nonexistent, as a proof of high USA geopolitical interests in joke in order to create a bridge of control over the Balkans and the mines full of natural resources in Kosovo).


AGRESSION AGAINST SERBIA: on the Balkans theatre there was a premeditated aggression against Serbia in 1999, where other bombs and missiles with DU were released other bombs and missiles with DU in order to submit the will of Serbian people and their resistance. The capital of Belgrade was bombarded too.


Collateral effects: Since now the only fact certain is that  thousands of people had been subjected to the effects of DU from 1994 to 1999, with obvious increase of various tumours, leukaemia as well as kidney  diseases. It should be noted that, apart from the criminal conduction of the war, the international war convention has not been respected either. The NATO liberators did not disdain the use of biological weapons; some parasites were thrown onto the Serbs’ cultivations and the chemical industry was hit by missiles in the town of Pancevo near Belgrado. This can be described as a real chemical attack  which no international institution has condemned by now.




The superficiality with which the Italian soldiers were induced to operate is pointed out in the book and Dvd “Italy called”, describing the operating theatre in Balkans. Among other things, an operation named in code “Vulcano” is mentioned here: 1999 Kosovo, the Italian soldiers buried all the ammunition unused and left by USA forces and NATO in an enormous pit, and blew it up with explosive material.  Nobody of military personnel had  protective garments and masks and as a consequence had to breathe in the toxic dust emitted after setting off. Some years later, out of 14 men forming the team employed in the operation, 8  got ill, 2 died of cancer and some got the children with genetic deformation.


It may have been enough if someone from the Defence had been informed better in order to avoid the risks to which the Italian troops were exposed. The famous “Golf syndrome” that hit a lot of USA and Allied soldiers was not one of the stories invented by a journalist in search of publicity.

The cause, more than in the radiation contained in the ammunition, is to be sought in the toxic impact on kidneys because DU is a heavy metal highly pollutant for the surrounding environment. Among 600.000 soldiers deployed in the war against Iraq in 1991, more than 50.000 were subjected to grave disorders and from 5-10.000 soldiers are dead (D.D’Onofrio). Also the Greenpeace published in 1999 a study where the effects of DU weapons have been elaborated, concluding that the “principal impact on health is due to toxic effects”.


The studies carried out by the environmental section ONU and published in 2003, have discovered that in the air and the ground of Bosnia there were traces of DU seven years after the use of the same weapons, but at the same time affirms that it is “very improbable that the uranium could be correlated to the health problems noticed in the area, and strangely the same organisation

“ recommends to pick up the fragments of DU, to cover the contaminated area by asphalt or another layer of ground and to design on the maps the contaminated zones”.

In the Near East, in Iraq the Britannic and USA forces used immensely the ammunition containing DU. Ramsey Clark, the founder of International Action Centre, already Attorney General(USA) – Director of Public Prosecutions (GB), declared at the time that according to his estimation 350 tons

of DU had been dispersed on the Iraqi ground adding : “I was able to observe the effects of this new toxic substance in the occasion of my visit to the infantile  hospitals in Iraq. Initially in the drama of bombardments and famine due to the sanctions, doctors could not realize the increase of infantile tumours like leukaemia, syndrome of Hodgkin’s and lymphoma” (


It is certain that weapons containing DU were used in the summer campaign of 2006 conducted by Israele against Lebano, and furthermore, without any doubt, the forces of the coalition alliance have been using the perforating armament heads containing DU these days. In the Focus on foreign policy of Berkely (California) it is considered certain 100 % the use of it, and they say that during the bombing by bombers B52, 24 hours after the initial attack on Gheddafi and against civil targets, 45 tons of bombs were launched.



From 1991, initially with the Golf War and finally with the War in Libya occurring nowadays, we have been  witness of escalation of the use of bombs and missiles containing DU.

The use of this material, which comes from the waste of power stations and nuclear industries in general, originates in 1970 during the Cold war between the NATO  and  Warsaw Pact.

The Pentagon has received the reports from their secret service containing the information that Soviet Union had been working on a new tank armour to be applied to their armaments, which would be able to neutralize the effects of perforating ammunition used until then by the USA and their Allies.

After numerous experiments, the USA researchers, discovered that the DU was the best  material  for new perforating missiles and anti-shelters’ o anti-tanks’ bombs. The main reason lays in heaviness of DU, which is better than tungsten, and, furthermore due to its heat resistance (arrives at the temperature  3000°C high) permits the missiles to pass through the thick tank armour and shelter walls,  usually the base of headquarters, without any problem. Compared to tungsten, its cost is relatively low, and USA in this way could avoid to be dependent on the import of this metal, mainly produced in China and, moreover, they  could benefit  autonomy in case of war.


Federico Dal Cortivo


Common weapons and ammunition that normally use depleted uranium


Gbu (Guided Bomb Unit)24 Laser guide – indicated against tanks and armoured shelters








Cruise Missiles Tomahawk


Perforating missiles 30 mm used by the fighters A10


Missiles against tanks APFSDS 105/120mm


MK-149-2 20mm


PGU/20 20 mm



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Bahrainis Mark Fourth Month of Uprising

Bahrain’s largest opposition group, al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, asked its followers to continue their protests against Al Khalifa’s crackdown on people.

Al-Wefaq called for a huge anti-government demonstration after Friday prayers in June 17, marking the forth month of people’s uprising defying the country’s decades-old monarchy.
Angry demonstrators flooded the streets of Barbar village in the north of Bahrain on Thursday night, Press TV reported.
Since the start of the protests, the monarchial regime has blocked anti-government websites and chat room applications.

Regime officials have also taken over the web pages of Rasad News that spread the news about cases of human rights violations in the country.
The brutal crackdown on the anti-government protests in Bahrain has drawn criticism from human right activists and organizations around the world. Both the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have condemned the violations of human rights by the Manama regime.

The regime has tried to suppress the uprising by arresting the protestors and kidnapping women and children. Even the medical staff who treated those injured during the protests have recently appeared in court over charges of plotting against the monarchy.